Thermal paper receipts safe for consumers and workers, says Danish environment agency

A recent investigation of the safety of thermal paper receipts containing bisphenol A by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency concluded that these products are safe for consumers.

According to the Danish agency, “the receipts do not pose a risk to consumers or cashiers who handle the receipts. Even if they are pregnant, and even when taking into account the amount of bisphenol A that also comes from food.”

However, the Danish report’s claim that receipts are a “significant source” of exposure is contradicted by two previous studies that note that receipts are at most a secondary source of exposure, with food the main source of exposure. Indeed, the Danish EPA report indicates that its exposure estimates are based on “worst case” estimates and “the actual exposure of the general consumer in most cases will be considerably lower.” Nonetheless, the Danish report demonstrates the safety of the products even based on worst case exposure estimates.

A link to the Danish EPA study is available here.

Links to the two previous reports showing receipts are secondary sources of exposure: